Hornby Spare parts

Hornby can offer you many spare parts and accessories available to keep your locomotive or train set running.











Hornby Spare Parts

When you buy a Hornby railway or train set, there may be times when you need Hornby spares to keep your locomotive running. You may find that you have lost the odd buffer here and there or sometimes couplers will occasionally need replacing. There might be times when the body has cracked and a new one is needed or even brushes for the motors require replacing. Whatever the situation there are parts and spares you can find from your local stockists or places such as eBay and the like. There are several motor spares as worm and wheel sets  for  the  0-4-0 range.

Hornby Spare Bodies

Sometimes there is a need to change the body of a locomotive. This could be for several reasons, one is the fact that some bodies can get damaged over time or a new loco is being built from the chassis up. Hornby supply the class37 diesel livery Virgin 47844 as a new replacement body. This could be an ideal way of just upgrading an older 47 to a newer model. The R2765 body can easily fit some of the class 73 Hornby or Lima chassis usually without any modification. The advantage is you may want a different livery for your locomotive at different times so two body types in your collection can be an advantage. If you have a Hornby Thomas the Tank engine, a replacement 0-4-0 shell can be bought to replace many of the 0-4-0 chassis. It appears many of the Bachmann shells are interchangeable with Hornby and Lima so many variations can be achieved.

Hornby Spare Chassis

Hornby spare chassis are also available to buy if not from Hornby direct but from other dealers, eBay or Amazon could be an ideal place to look. Such things to be found are the Hornby oo class  43 HST power or dummy chassis. Recently advertised for sale has been the Evening Star metal chassis for the 2-10-0 locomotive. A direct replacement in DCC configuration for the Class 20  locomotive is available from some spares shops. This will replace many of the older Lima Hornby bodies plus some of the newer Hornby bodies, making the adaptation to DCC to 8 pin easier. Chassis frames are available to buy for a class 37 but you will have to remember than a lot of these will not come with the added weight and therefore you will have to buy these separately.

Hornby Carbon Brushes

If you have one of these units such as the X03/ X04 MOTOR or any early motor bogies for class 31 /37 35 Hmyk / BLUE PULLMAN / DMU / TRANSCONTINENTAL MOTOR BOGIES / DOCK SHUNTER and other such like locos they may at some stage need the carbon brushes changing. Fortunately the Triang Hornby spare X67 carbon brushes are still available to buy in pairs. By replacing these brushes will stop your motor from sparking and make it run even smoother. Available to buy from Peter Spares on eBay. Also from the same supplier you will find buffers if you have one ore two missing from your Hornby locomotive. New armatures are available  for the X112 motors for future replacements of worn out units. These fit the early Triang Hornby multiple diesel units and the Pullman Blue trains.

Hornby Spare Bogies

If you are after a Hornby spare bogie for coaches the later models have a push fit type which is easily replaceable by pressing the old one out and pressing a new one in. Wheels are available on there own for replacement of your old ones even for upgrading from plastic wheels to metal wheels, You may also find that a lot of the Hornby spare later wheels could fit the earlier wheel combinations.

Hornby Ringfield Brass Gear

If you own a tender drive loco and you find that it tends to slip whine or not move at all then it could be all down to the main gear not working. the original ones are made of alloy and tend to wear out or loose their teeth. The good news is they can be replaced with a Hornby spares Ringfield Brass Gear X8440 11T which is ideal for all the 3 pole motors. A search on eBay from suppliers such as Peter Spares could bring up what you need.






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